For fiveandfriends, partnership is all about the joint creation of new things.

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Sometimes we feel like midwives assisting in the birth of new life. And that is a good way to feel. To help a new generation of funds to be delivered into the world of investments.

Consultancy & strategy

Let us get to know you and your needs, and we will advise you holistically on how to achieve your objectives.

Creativity & implementation

We design and develop measures that are tailored to your needs.

Facilitation & support

During and after the execution of your measures we will keep providing long-term facilitation and support.


To ensure a seamless presence on international markets, we integrate English contents into all of our communication channels.


Climate-positive communications agency

We take a holistic approach, placing particular emphasis on sustainability.

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Putting the Office Back on Track

It seems to me that tomorrow’s real state will be a mindset of sorts, more so than anything else. IMHO! | a column by Stefan Stüdemann


One Moor Thing …

In which change process is our industry and what does biodiversity have to do with new buildings? IMHO! | a column by Stefan Stüdemann


The Beach Season is Starting…

How do we deal with the triad of tightening interest rates, financing and regulatory environment? IMHO! | a column by Stefan Stüdemann


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