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For more than 20 years, fiveandfriends has specialised in communication within the real estate industry. Our agency consists of experienced specialists and freelancers who form an exclusive network. We advise and devise, implement, manage and appraise the marketing strategies we jointly developed with you. We take a holistic approach both on the product and on the corporate level, placing particular emphasis on sustainability. We seek to connect – which is why we communicate on behalf of people within a given company as well as between people and companies.


Forming fiveandfriends

In 2001, Stefan Stüdemann joined forces with four partners to set up fiveandfriends as an agency specialising from the start on real estate and investment fund communications.


Institutional communication

After just one year in business, the agency shifted its focus to communications on behalf of institutional investors. This included the development and provision of an online solution for bespoke reporting.


Managing public funds

By 2003, at the latest, fiveandfriends also began to handle the communications of open-ended public real estate funds. And it did so for one of the industry’s heavyweights, the “hausInvest” fund.


Rollout of open-ended property fund

In 2004, we facilitated the rollout of a new open-ended property fund from the start. This included the overall responsibility for marketing and the sales approach.


fiveandfriends become the communications partner of the Real Estate Ball

Those who work hard deserve a break. And it should be in style. Which is why fiveandfriends plays a key role in one of the industry’s leading gala events, the annual Real Estate Ball at the spa building in Wiesbaden.


Digitised and centralised reporting by fiveandfriends

Within the framework of its digitisation strategy, fiveandfriends started providing a full-scale online solution for the compilation and production of reports and statements of account. Its name: friendsreport.


Acquisition of the DEGI funds by Aberdeen

When Aberdeen acquired the open-ended property funds of DEGI, fiveandfriends acted as communications partners from the start. The agency handled the rebranding and the market communication within the framework of an extensive partnership.


First open-ended property fund app on the market

To engage customers directly and to deepen their loyalty, fiveandfriends launched the first app for open-ended real estate funds, and has successfully continued to upgrade it.


fiveandfriends embraces virtual reality

For its client Commerz Real, the agency developed its first virtual property viewing as a combination of app and live events. An effort that has paid off: It helped the fund achieve full occupancy at one of its major real estate assets.


Establishing an institutional fund forum

fiveandfriends is one of the founding partners of FondsForum, a leading industry platform for the institutional real estate industry.


DEKA fund app

fiveandfriends entered into an app partnership with DEKA. It purpose is the comprehensive mobilisation of all existing property funds in the company’s portfolio. As a result of the collaboration, one open-ended property fund (GOEF) eventually grew into five GOEFs.


Service portfolio expanded to include customer newsletters

This year, fiveandfriends expanded its service portfolio to include the development and periodic management of property and fund-specific customer newsletters.


Hannover Leasing relaunched

fiveandfriends handled the relaunch of the entire online communication universe of this fund provider based in Pullach near Munich. In addition to the proprietary online presence, this included subsidiaries and the service spectrum of sales partners.


New GOEF launch reshuffles the market

fiveandfriends started the joint collaboration, which continues to this day, with a new GOEF provider that has since become an established market player, developing its fund from the ground up.


Digitisation of online reports

We have been developing online statements of account since 2017, each time using the latest standards and state-of-the-art technology.


fiveandfriends owner-occupies its head office

Having spent nearly two decades working for real estate companies, fiveandfriends opts for property ownership: For the first time since it was formed, the agency occupies premises that it owns outright. Spreehalle, the company’s new permanent establishment, is located in Oberschöneweide, one of Berlin’s creative media hotspots.


Visibly sustainable

fiveandfriends decided to incorporate sustainable behaviour and solutions into the work streams and even the day-to-day affairs of its employees while also integrating sustainability into its client consultancy.


fiveandfriends becomes a climate partner

Conserving resources and leading an intact natural environment to posterity: These are among the agency’s stated goals. Accordingly, fiveandfriends has become a ClimatePartner, participating in a compensation scheme for its own sake and on behalf of client-side communication projects.



In line with its sustainable strategy, fiveandfriends set up a non-profit society: WE WANT MOOR Verein zum Schutz der deutschen Moore e.V.


fiveandfriends is walking on sunshine

The agency’s sustainability strategy is steadily shaping up and is taking a key step this year: In future, fiveandfriends will use a proprietary solar array for the sustainable generation of the electricity it needs for its own purposes and those of its key accounts.

Our way of developing customer relations

Our approach


In a globalised world, everything is happening online and automatically. But for us, it is still the person, the actual human being, who counts. We love getting to know our clients personally, and we believe you feel the same way about your communications agency. After all, we are working toward a shared goal – your sustained success.


We will consult you on all measures you request, set up schedules for their implementation, and will thereby lay the groundwork for developing a concept design. Together with the outcome of the concept design phase, we will present sensible solution strategies and concrete recommendations for action for your project.


Within the relevant real estate industry context, we develop communication concepts, comprehensive corporate designs and cross-media action plans for our clients. Compiling target-group and company-specific contents is a perfectly natural part of our service spectrum.


We will keep taking care of you beyond the end of a given project. Steadily growing requirements both on the market and in your company, new communication media and channels keep opening up that will need to be fed continuously and consistently. You want to show you are on top of the times. We have the expertise and the necessary resources to let you do so.

The people getting the job done

Your contacts at fiveandfriends

Lena Bahlmann

Project & Sustainability Manager

Hannah Dondalski

Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Public Affairs & Strategy

Susanne Hübel

Head of Operations

Mariella Kliesch

Marketing communication & digital media, (work-study position)

Claudia Lange

Art Director

Julian Rademacher

Head of Development

Kerstin Sperling

Print & Office Management

Stefan Stüdemann

Shareholder, Managing Director


The basis of our actions


Treating the environment respectfully.

We are grateful for the relatively intact environment we live and work in. At the same time, we are well aware that our planet is nearing the tipping point. Since every little step counts, we always check whether and how our actions impact the environment.

Whenever we have a choice, we always take the option with the smallest carbon footprint. We are as frugal as possible in our use of resources. When weighing our options, we favour environmental benefits over economic ones.

We work toward a viable future for everyone. Our clients are encouraged to share our ideas, whereas our suppliers are expected to do so.


Tapping diversity.

We are a highly responsive team that benefits from the multifaceted nature of its members. We promote imaginative approaches and plurality of opinion, are open-minded, honest, transparent and tolerant. Moreover, we learn from others and acknowledge that there are more ways than one to reach your destination, without any of them being “right” or “wrong.”

Success is born from trust – trust in ourselves, in each other, and in our collective strength. We are proud of our family-like cohesion which fosters a respectful and straightforward interaction and even constructive criticism if it helps to ensure optimal work results.


Shifting perspective.

Jobs that seem like a minor task to us may pose major challenges for our clients. That is why we are always willing to try a different angle when looking for solutions. Understanding a given issue is the foundation on which we build an adequate strategy in an unbiased approach.

Conversely, we reject off-the-shelf approaches, because they imply a lack of creativity and respect vis-à-vis the client. That said, we readily admit that a one-off approach involves extra effort and obstacles. But it is the only way to ensure high quality and sustained contentment among all stakeholders.


Achieving your goal.

To make sure you achieve your goal you need to define it first. Our strategic approach is to specify the desired outcome before thinking our way back to the start. In the process, we set milestones, and divide the space between them into sections. This lets us proceed in a focused rather than in an erratic manner when it’s time to move ahead. It fills us with calm to have a realistic roadmap aboard and plenty of experience.

We know what our work means for our clients, and that they rely on us. Accordingly, we attach great importance to plausible timelines and never make promises we cannot keep.

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