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Our work excels due to the solid research foundation it is based on, the strategy alignment behind it, the creative execution with attention to detail, the distribution that ensures it reaches your target audience and the…


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Our focus is on delivering business-changing results for ambitious clients, whilst sharing our knowledge amongst the wider industry through events and training. Internally our ambition is to attract, nurture and develop great…

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We focus on long-term relationships, holistic consultancy, and sustainable key account management. From the very start of a given mandate, we see our connection as a partnership whose collaborative effort is characterised by informative and creative exchanges. A constant dialogue helps to expand the perspective and simultaneously encourages the agency to work self-sufficiently in order to support and relieve you before, during and after the development of individual measures. Its combination of know-how, experience and commitment makes fiveandfriends Germany’s leading communications agency.


Our consulting services should start as early as possibly to give us a chance to familiarise ourselves with your ideas for a given project and to fine-tune your objectives. The active exchange will create a trust-based foundation for our joint projects to come. We will consult you on all measures you request, set up a schedule for their implementation, and will thereby lay the groundwork for developing a concept design.

Many of our clients appreciate this kind of consultancy as basis of our collaboration. The consulting services are covered by the one-off flat fee we negotiate with you.

Together with the outcome of the concept design phase, we will present sensible solution strategies for your project. Our industry know-how and our long-term market experience enables us to keep a close eye on the market and to detect fresh developments early on. We know how to derive ideas and concrete recommendations for action from these trends. As a result, we are familiar with your environment and the continuous transformation it undergoes.

But your requirements may also change at any time. If so, we will align these with the original project goals in order to keep returning optimal results for your company.

We will build your brand, whether this means your company or a product. Try to visualise it: Watch us lay the foundation, step by step, to reflect your identity: values, attributes, USP, goals, vision. This shell-and-core structure will then be fleshed out by the way you present yourself, your communications, your design. Using our know-how and experience, we will structure both, core and façade, to ensure your brand rollout is perceived as authentic. Based on the concept design and strategy, we will define consistent measures that bolster your identity.

Acting sustainably is of the essence now. And the need for doing so is permanent. Apart from any development of communicative ESG contents, we firmly believe that we as an agency will only be able to authentically develop and communicate sustainability topics for you if we live up to a comprehensive sustainability approach ourselves. In order to achieve this objective, we have resolved to become carbon-neutral by 2022, and we intend to have compensated by 2030 for any emissions we ever caused since the day we went into business. Join us on our path toward carbon neutrality, and let us support and advise you on how to become carbon-neutral in your own right.

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The design of a corporate presence or product influences not just the visual perception of the consumer but also the consumer guidance and experience as well as the optimal integration and representation of contents. Taking all of the mentioned factors into account will produce a bespoke result that is tailored to your company, and that will convince both your business clients and your end customers. When developing your design or structuring your contents, we will turn your values, personality and your activities into shapes and colours, creating an unmistakeable visual profile in the process.

Communicating your company authentically to the outside world in the Web 2.0 and placing suitable digital touchpoints while doing so: Given the multitude of options and imponderables, this has become harder to do and more effective than ever. From newsletter, to website, and all the way to paid media. In combination with your offline activities, we will fine-tune the online measures until we have just right dosage for you. The main advantage of doing so: It will give you the chance to notify and communicate on short notice or in real time, and will contribute to your sustainability objectives.

Social networks are here to stay. Aside from the fact that virtually everyone is using them, they harbour enormous potential if used cleverly, and definitively help to reach the designated target groups. We will advise you on the subject of social media and, depending on your objectives, will develop campaigns, editorial plans and content in the form of images, moving images and text. This process will take the latest industry content as well as in-house corporate news into account in order to enhance your company’s positioning and value in your external communication.

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In a globalised world, everything is happening online and automatically. But for us, it is still the person, the actual human being, who counts. We love getting to know our clients personally, and we believe you feel the same way about your communications agency. After all, we are working toward a shared goal – your sustained success.


We will consult you on all measures you request, set up schedules for their implementation, and will thereby lay the groundwork for developing a concept design. Together with the outcome of the concept design phase, we will present sensible solution strategies and concrete recommendations for action for your project.


Within the relevant real estate industry context, we develop communication concepts, comprehensive corporate designs and cross-media action plans for our clients. Compiling target-group and company-specific contents is a perfectly natural part of our service spectrum.


We will keep taking care of you beyond the end of a given project. Steadily growing requirements both on the market and in your company, new communication media and channels keep opening up that will need to be fed continuously and consistently. You want to show you are on top of the times. We have the expertise and the necessary resources to let you do so.

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Customer magazine

Customer magazine

Storytelling the way it’s supposed to be: For the Swiss Life REF (DE) European Real Estate Living + Working open-ended property fund of Swiss Life Asset Managers, we developed a customer magazine within the framework of our overall development and management of the fund that, on the one hand, tells the story of German open-ended real estate funds (GEOF) while, on the other hand, also telling the product story of this particular fund and providing insights into its specific portfolio. We were responsible for idea and design, visual development, image processing, editing and storytelling, layout and typesetting as well as the production. 

About Swiss Life Asset Managers<br/> Swiss Life Asset Managers is a European asset manager and one of the leading institutional real estate asset managers in Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway and the United Kingdom.


Swiss Life Asset Managers


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