Do bad things and talk about them …

Dear reader,

Yes, you read right. If the past two years and particularly the start of this year have taught us anything, it is this: Not all is well.

This being the case, it stands to reason that we should take a hard look at our communications and ask ourselves how helpful and how authentic it is to keep reporting nothing but uplifting news. Sure, you may counter this by saying: But nobody wants to read bad news!

“Just tell the truth for a change.”

My rejoinder to that: It all depends. On the overall context, that is. It is certainly not helpful for positioning your company and your investment products to spread bad news only. No doubt about it.

And yet: To concede quietly from time to time that you do not have the catch-all solution and that you are not clairvoyant in regard to the future can be like a breath of fresh air and it will also make you come across as credible. And this is ultimately what your communications should be all about: credibility. Nothing is more important and nothing harder to achieve, yet so easily gambled away.

Let me suggest the following therefore: Dare to be bold, and state the obvious. Freely admit, for instance, that you cannot say for certain whether you will be able to achieve the Taxonomy goals by 2030. Be sure to add that you are working hard to make it happen, and that you will be transparent about the progress made. This might also be a good time to present your life cycle assessment.

Aside from being truthful, it will give you more freedom of action. You should take advantage of it.

Until the next issue, please stay safe and sound!

Yours, Stefan Stüdemann

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