Earth, wind and fire?

Dear reader,

No, you are not about to read a musical review. Rather, I have been wondering: What is your relationship to Mother Earth? What exactly is your plan for bringing your corporate activities up to speed in the sustainability context?

It is not like anyone could still pretend not have understood that urgent action is needed. Since we are only at the communication end, we sadly lack the decision-making power to make things happen. But one thing we can do is to bridge certain communication gaps. We can build argumentative bridges to guide your decision makers to the right conclusions. Here is one such bridge:

"Mother Earth needs digital wind!”

Bitkom published a truly interesting survey that I took a closer look at. It studies the effects of deploying digital technologies, specifically their effects on various economic sectors. Based on its analysis of the building sector, for instance, the survey suggests that an accelerated introduction of the aforementioned digital technologies could potentially save 21 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MCO2e) between now and 2030. This would be more than 5 percent of the cuts to be achieved under the current climate targets.

If anyone ever wonders whether all this digitisation business is getting out of hands, just say “No!” We need all the digital wind we can get to cool off Mother Earth, and 5 percent less fire means a lot for our future.

Until the next issue, please stay safe and sound!

Yours, Stefan Stüdemann

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