Independence Day

Dear reader,

Don’t worry, I didn’t get the date wrong. Besides, this is the US edition of FondsNews. The American edition of our fund newsletter. But first things first: I recently imagined what it would be like to take a trip back in time to the summer of this year, to 4 July 2022, let’s say. What prompted the daydream was not a visit to the fun fair, but an appointment at the local land registry, browsing old documents.

It made me wonder: Were the challenges of past eras comparable to ours? One thing safe to say about the bygone times is that houses were built to last, the substance of the building whose records I was checking being well preserved to this day.

“What will construction a 130 years from now be like? Sustainable!”

It gave me pause, considering the life expectancy that many recently constructed buildings have. Much to my relief, a change in attitude appears to have started lately. Perhaps it was triggered by necessity, but so be it. The main thing is that we are seeing a shift back to a longer-term perspective. It is illustrated by the cradle-to-cradle approach to design and material inventories for resources used, both of which deserve our full support.

Let me take you aboard my time machine and invite you to try the following mental experiment: Think of our your next investment in kind, and try to imagine how it will fit into the reality of life in the year 2152 before you proceed. And let me wish you a sustainable future.


Until the next issue of FondsNews, please stay healthy and safe!

Yours, Stefan Stüdemann

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