I Don’t Believe So!

Dear reader,

Today, I’d like you to join me for a mental experiment. Let’s say you have a family. One day, you and your children step into a church, and one of the children wants to know: “Dad (or mom), what made people build such inefficient buildings with such a poor climate footprint?” You may be nonplussed by the question and need a moment to collect yourself before presenting a clever answer in an attempt to qualify the sober objectivity with another dimension your child may have been unaware of.

“Courage, Intuition and an Enterprising Spirit Define the Industry”

What am I getting at? Not everything we do these days has a rational explanation. Faith, both in a literal and metaphoric sense, plays a part in our doings as well. That is why the objective approach should always be supplemented by a certain amount of courage, intuition and the strong resolve to get something done. This is precisely what has always defined our industry. Let us embrace this attitude as our common denominator and keep doing things that we can believe in even if the numbers don’t necessarily add up every time. If we manage to keep doing that, then I’m quite convinced (or believe) what we will jointly cope with the challenges that the future has in store for us.

Until the next issue, please stay safe and sound!

Yours, Stefan Stüdemann

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