Putting the Office Back on Track

Dear Reader,

As it so happens, I’m sitting in my favourite office while writing this column. Its compelling features includes a stark ambience and a delightfully small footprint. Moreover, its internet connectivity is severely limited. Last but not least, the culinary spectrum available here is nothing if not modest, assuming there is anything left in the larder at all. You may have guessed it: I’m on a train.

"Real estate will be a mindset more than anything else in the future“

But let’s not engage in any railway bashing – after all, this is still a real estate investor editorial. Remember, I called it my “favourite office” above. And I meant just what I said. Let’s be honest: Considering the standards we tend to apply to work formats of the future - call it New Work, Workation or what you will - it feels good to make do with less from time to time (even if it isn’t of your own volition). To be sure, the good old office has come under pressure, from many sides. But pressure will often prompt the unexpected emergence of new phenomena. It seems to me that tomorrow’s real state will be a mindset of sorts, more so than anything else. There is plenty of imagination and creativity involved in any case. Which is reassuring, and gives me hope that office as an asset class will remain one of the mainstays anchoring any portfolio. Our sector has read the signs of the times and is (once again ) proving more adaptable than it tends to get credit for.

Speaking of imagination: I’m trying hard to imagine that we could still reach our destination on time (“signal repairs in progress”). Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the lovely little on-board bistro. The one on this train is truly hard to beat.

Until the next issue, please stay safe and sound!

Yours, Stefan Stüdemann

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